The Local Coffeehouses of Jacksonville

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In search of a local coffee house? Here's a few around town worth visiting.

1. Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

Courtesy of Bold Bean

The idea for Bold Bean began with Jay Burnett in 2007. Jay was retired and looking for a hobby on the side, and so he began the pursuit of coffee roasting. His son, Zack, joined him shortly after that, having just graduated from college. They roasted and sold coffee to local restaurants and stores, before finally deciding to open up a coffee shop.

Bold Bean’s first location officially opened in December of 2011. Since then, they have expanded to a second location at Jax Beach. Bold Bean takes their coffee very seriously, putting a large emphasis on the process of coffee making. They source all kinds of different coffee beans, working directly with producers, exporters, and importers from around the world. Then they roast it, and of course, sell it.

They have all sorts of hand-roasted artisanal coffees, with different flavors and boldness. They serve coffee in styles like single cup pour-overs, French pressed, aero pressed, and chemex. They also offer a selection of tap beers and baked goods.

Bold Bean's Murray Hill roastery. Courtesy of Bold Bean

Bold Bean can be found at 869 Stockton Street and 2400 3rd Street South. It also operates a roastery at 1179 Edgewood Avenue. For more information and hours, visit their website at:

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