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South Shores: A historic neighborhood near its end?

Just outside downtown Jacksonville, a historic neighborhood's days may...

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Privately funded high speed rail project nears finish

What seemed to be a dream that many believed would eventually fade away...

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12 restaurant chains you loved that don't exist anymore

One thing we learn in life is that businesses come and go. Even the places...

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Jacksonville's early 20th century Chinese community

Following the end of the Civil War, the United States experienced a major...

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8 defunct grocery chains you remember

Before chains like Walmart, Publix, Winn-Dixie and Whole Foods dominated...

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Abandoned & Forgotten: Moncrief Road Cemeteries

Closing in on 900,000 residents, Jacksonville is a bustling Sunbelt city...

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Bodega-style grocer eyes Springfield's Main Street

The renaissance of Springfield's Main Street continues as a Fernandina...

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Hurricane Irma activates Jacksonville's riverfront

Seeking shelter from Hurricane Irma, the First Coast shrimping and fishing...

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The remains of Jax's ragtime, blues and jazz age

A look at the remains of the South's most overlooked substantial African-American...

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