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Rehabilitating Suburbia: Maitland

It's one thing to talk about turning a suburban area into a walkable district....

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Skyway Expansion: Forgotten Urban Core Neighborhoods

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority's (JTA's) plan to replace the...

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12 restaurant chains you loved that don't exist anymore

One thing we learn in life is that businesses come and go. Even the places...

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If Walls Could Talk: LaVilla's Genovar's Hall

If walls could talk, one can only imagine the significant stories and individuals...

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72 hours on foot in Havana, Cuba

Modern Cities visits a city established as a strategic location for the...

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Glen Myra: The Neighborhood Industry Built

Glen Myra is an early 20th century neighborhood one can say that industry...

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5 chains possibly headed for bankruptcy in 2018

5 major chains likely to close stores or file for bankruptcy in 2018.

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Revamping the mall: The Centre of Tallahassee

Tallahassee Mall was once the city's premier enclosed regional mall. By...

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Exploring White Oak Conservation

Located on the banks of the St. Marys River in Nassau County, White Oak...

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