10 Cool Places In Jacksonville That Don't Exist Anymore

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It is no secret that Jacksonville has an extensive history—some pretty well known; some not so much. Here is a list of 10 places in Jacksonville that, unfortunately, do not exist anymore.

5. The Line

The New York Inn, Turkish Harem and 836 Houston Street brothels, just west of Davis Street. Image courtesy of the Florida State Archives.

This red light district was located on what is now modern day Houston Street. The origins of “The Line” date back to the late 19th century, when prostitutes were forced over the city’s line, into the City of LaVilla, as a way to make Jacksonville more attractive. “The Line” consisted of over 60 boarding houses for the women, allowing “buyers” to literally walk door to door looking for the “right price.”

"The Line" finally died during the mid 20th century when the Navy became concerned about too many personnel frequenting the area.

Owned by Cora Crane, The Court was the largest brothel along The Line.

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