10 Cool Places In Jacksonville That Don't Exist Anymore

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It is no secret that Jacksonville has an extensive history—some pretty well known; some not so much. Here is a list of 10 places in Jacksonville that, unfortunately, do not exist anymore.

3. The Great White Way

In the early half of the 20th century, much of Forsyth Street was known as the “Great White Way.” This nickname was taken from New York City, as most people believed Jacksonville’s theater district was similar to Broadway at the time. The “Great White Way” included theatres such as the Florida Theater, the Palace, the Center, and the Imperial. Additionally, “The Great White Way” was home to iconic restaurants such as the Stathis Restaurant, and hotels such as the Seminole.

While the Florida Theatre obviously still stands, most of the other buildings that once made up the “Great White Way” have been replaced by apartments, parking garages, and commercial buildings.

An image of crowds packing Forsyth Street in 1956 for the showing of the The Lone Ranger at the St. Johns Theatre. Today, the theatre site is occupied by the Jacksonville Bank Building.

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