10 Cool Places In Jacksonville That Don't Exist Anymore

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It is no secret that Jacksonville has an extensive history—some pretty well known; some not so much. Here is a list of 10 places in Jacksonville that, unfortunately, do not exist anymore.

6. Springfield Park


While major parts of Springfield Park are still around, it is not nearly as lively, connected or populated as it used to be.

The park dates back to the 19th century, when low lying land straddling Hogans Creek was donated to the city by the Springfield Company. During the park’s popularity, it was Jacksonville's version of New York's Central Park and even a home to the city’s first zoo.  Few years later, the park would also welcome the addition of a municipal pool. In 1929, the Hogans Creek Improvement Project designed by architect Henry J. Klutho, introduced a venetian-style promenade running the entire length of the green space.

While “Springfield Park” may be gone, parts of it, like Klutho Park remain fairly popular today, hosting events such as “Dog Days in the Park,” “Throwback Baseball,” and the “Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra at Klutho Park.”

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