The Top 10 Events of Jacksonville in 2013

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Some of the important events of 2013. Presented in alphabetical order.

Shipyard Proposals

An aquarium? How about a naval museum? No? Okay, then a Ferris Wheel or how about the tallest sky scraper in the state of Florida, since South Florida doesn’t count?! 2013 marked the return of speculating big one trick pony projects to save downtown Jacksonville.

Many in our city continue to search for the Jeannie to wink life back into Downtown. Millions continue to be spent on research, consultants and marketing. Downtown Jacksonville may just be one of the best examples of needing government to “get out of the way” so people can be people and do what they do best…create.

Then again, maybe we can start another advertising campaign.

Shipyard & Pension Fund Presentation Thread

Article by Ennis Davis and Arash Kamiar

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