The Top 10 Events of Jacksonville in 2013

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Some of the important events of 2013. Presented in alphabetical order.

Mobility Fee Compromise

Jacksonville can still be credited for developing one of the most progressive and forward thinking municipal transportation plans in the country; One that places just as much emphasis on pedestrians, bicyclist, mass transit and land use, as it does on moving vehicles. Unfortunately, Jacksonville can also be credited with defunding the plan and releasing the award-winning creator of the plan, Bill Killingsworth who was later hired by the State of Florida to become the Director of Community Development at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

There are certainly times when you can look at Jacksonville’s city council and wonder if they are running a city or a Good ‘Ol Boys Club. The Mobility Fee Moratorium in 2011 was one of those moments. Jacksonville developers were given the keys to the city and the developers opened little to no doors and consequently, helped create financial shortfalls for our city budget.

In 2013 a little miracle happened, City Council realized that the community had enough. Instead of an outright three year moratorium there was a compromise creating an 18-month period of lower mobility fees for new development and a clear articulation that no more moratoriums would be considered.

Mobility Fee Compromise: Winners and Losers

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