The Top 10 Events of Jacksonville in 2013

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Some of the important events of 2013. Presented in alphabetical order.

Food Trucks

In 2011, the City of Jacksonville almost legislated this once struggling local industry out of existence due to not paying attention to the foodie culture sweeping the rest of the nation. That year, Jax Truckies was launched to promote this industry locally and expose public officials to the associated economic benefits.

Despite the lack of initial governmental support, in 2013 some food trucks have become successful enough to open up their own brick and mortar establishments, stimulating the tax rolls and creating local jobs without economic handouts and incentives. For example, Salty Fig, once just a food truck, now owns restaurants in Riverside and Jacksonville Beach and Corner Taco is opening up soon in Five Points.

Jax Truckies: Bringing Food Trucks to the People

Downtown Vision, inc (DVI) Board Votes No on Food Trucks

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