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Wildlight: New urbanism's answer to lowcountry living?

Is it possible to create a community combining the best elements of Lowcountry southern living, cuisine and architecture with industry and New Urbanism? This major paper company believes so.

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Renew Arlington: Establishing Study and Finding of Need

Renew Arlington is an officially sanctioned effort to reverse decades of decline in the Arlington Area. In order to qualify for funding to improve the area, the City had to conduct a "Finding of Necessity" study, Basically a documentation of why the area is turning into a smoldering junk heap at the...

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Mayor wants viaduct gone: 5 examples of razing freeways

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry recently announced his desire for state funding to begin removing the Hart Bridge Expressway ramps along the downtown riverfront as early as next year. For those who may question the potential results of expressway removal, here's five before and after examples where this...

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Tactical Urbanism Reimagining Nashville's Broadway Ave

Nashville's embrace of temporary urban interventions is producing amazing results that are capturing the imagination of both locals and tourists alike. Is this something that we should embrace locally?

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$4.1B in New Markets Tax Credits For Major Urban Areas

The Community Development Financial Institutions Fund just announced $7 billion in NMTCs, the largest single allocation yet. (The CDFI Fund is a Treasury program that focuses on economic revitalization...

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The decline of the small town shopping mall

Palatka Mall opened to great fanfare in 1981. Today, a walk inside exposes a post apocalyptic scene of a small town enclosed mall's struggle to stay relevant into the 21st century.

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Theaster Gates: Revive Neighborhoods With Imagination

In this pretty amazing TEDTalk, Theaster Gates talks about the incredible success that Arts and Culture projects have had in reviving urban spaces in Chicago. Some of the project ---especially the old bank renovation---will be hauntingly familiar to Jacksonville urbanites. We've talked about projects...

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What Does Walkable Mean?

With the proposed Riverside Avondale Overlay changes being parsed in public, (finally) Check out this amazing talk that defines what is actually meant by 'walkability'.

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We Need Code Reform: How Do We Get There?

Nationally, the ongoing conversation about how to fix our urban cores, especially the historic neighborhoods surrounding the downtown has been grappling with the need for better planning codes. Similar to the various overlays in Springfield, Downtown and Riverside Avondale. But are these really the...

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