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America’s Highways are Crumbling. Is That a Bad Thing?

Our highway infrastructure is falling apart and John Norquist, former mayor of Milwaukee, believes this is a good thing. Ryan Holeywell of the Houston-based Kinder Institute for Urban Research (

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5 Tips for improving Jacksonville's Civic Brand

An interesting editorial by National Sign Plazas (NSP) ( highlighting 5 tips for cities like Jacksonville to improve their civic brand. Take a look and tell us if...

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The State of Downtown Jacksonville

Is downtown making a comeback? Take a look for yourself. Here's Downtown Vision's latest State of Downtown report.

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How Jax Compares: The Different Faces of Density

Density comes in all shapes, forms and sizes. Here's how some of Jacksonville's most popular neighborhoods compare in density with select walkable neighborhoods in well known American cities.

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The DIA's Vision for Downtown Jacksonville

This 10-page public brochure does a nice job of condensing a copious amount of information into an easy to read template. Specifically, it discusses the individual sections (8) of the Downtown Investment Authority's (DIA) Community Redevelopment Plan, outlines the initiatives designed to impact downtown...

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Five Lessons for Jacksonville to Bring Retail Downtown

Recently, a panel at the annual International Council of Shopping Centers offered a list of important points that cities like Jacksonville need to consider when trying to establish retail districts downtown. Here's a few lessons for Jacksonville based off a story by Andrew Keatts of the Kinder Institute...

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