Groundwork Jacksonville Releases 10 Year Vision

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Groundwork Jacksonville recently released its 10-year vision. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Transcript of Release of 10 Year Vision

3-Year Investment
Submitted initial abstract to Groundwork USA

October 2014
Became Florida's first Groundwork Trust and the only active Trust in the Southeast United States

February 2015
Onboarded full-time CEO and Program Manager
Environmental Protection Agency
National Park Service
Groundwork USA
Year 1: Capacity Building
Create a Culture of DO
Prescribing Urban Trees for a Healthy Community Environment
TreeRx is an urban forestry plan.
Optimize the benefits in social, environmental, public health, economic, and aesthetic terms.
Springfield and Eastside in Jacksonville’s Urban Core.
University of North Florida's Environmental Leadership Program, Groundwork Jacksonville, North Florida Land Trust, Greenscape and an advisory committee of local community members, foresters, health planners, scenic advocates and landscape architects.
Jacksonville's Only Urban Trail
2 Day Community Charette
Short Term Recommendations
Long Term Recommendations
Groundworkers for the S-Line
Monthly S-Line Ride Alongs
Submitted Four Projects into the City's Capital Improvement Plan
JTA Complete Streets
A. Philip Randolph Public Market
Four community engagement meetings
Established small working group reflective of both Eastside and Springfield neighborhoods
Five articles in the Florida Times Union and Jacksonville Business Journal
Coordinated with SMG and COJ to pilot 7 markets in coordination with Jacksonville Jaguar home games in 2016 NFL Season
First Market September 2016
Resident survey – On-Line and Paper Distribution
226 Surveys completed
Generation of 25 people interested in volunteering for the Market
Generation of 7 people interested in being a vendor
Retail and small business catylist
Groundworkers for the Public Market
Strategic Plan & Visioning
S-Line Community Planning
A. Philip Randolph Public Market
Green Team Youth Corps
Green Team Youth Corps
Green Team Summer Apprenticeship
Green Team Community Service Fellowship
Inaugural Green Team Youth Corps selected
One Green Team Youth Leader traveled to Yellowstone National Park
Three Green Team Youth Leaders traveled to Rocky Mountain National Park for Groundwork National Conference
Members of the Green Team invited to President Clinton's address on behalf of the Clinton Health Matters
Member of Green Team participated in National Park Service's Mountains to Mainstreet

By the Numbers
Number of trees planted 25
Number of perinials planted 85
Large amenies installed 8
Acres of parkland improved 5
Bags of trash 60
Feet of riparian habitat cleaned up, 5280
conserved or restored
Youth (<18 yrs) actively involved 60
Adults (?18 yrs) actively involved 100
Volunteer hours 700
Schools involved 5
Community events 38
People engaged at events 200
New partnerships established 30

Year in Review
10 Year
The Emerald Necklace is a nationally recognized centerpiece attracting people to Jacksonville. It connects urban core neighborhoods that are valued as vital and desirable places to live, work, and visit. Jacksonville’s urban core neighborhoods are economically diverse and economically healthy. Urban core neighborhoods have a community ethic of active living and an outdoor orientation. Working together, neighbors are engaged in creating and sustaining their clean environment
Our mission is to bring about the sustained regeneration, improvement and management of the physical environment by developing community-based partnerships which empower people, businesses and organizations to promote environmental, economic and social well-being.
Green Team Youth Corps
Project Unveiling
Stratetgic Milestones
Research, plan and implement a biodiversity strategy to clean up Hogans Creek and McCoys Creek
Establish a professional service LLC to create neighborhood jobs and sustained revenue
Scale the organization to include a Program Assistant, Project Director & Landscape Architect
Develop a subsidiary to procure contaminated land
Julie Sorenson
Devin Scott
Corporate Volunteer
Drum Roll
Dawn Emerick
Recruiter of the Year
Parent Testimony
Green Team Summer Apprenticeship Projects