6 International Companies Making Things in the Westside

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Jacksonville is about as close to a historical manufacturing mecca as you'll find in Florida. Blessed with a location where interstate highways, railroads, and ports meet, the city has the ideal ingredients for a highly diversified mix of manufactures. Here's six international manufacturers, that you may not have known, that are heavily invested in the city's Westside.

1. ADCOM Wire Company

Coils of wire are delivered to Adcom by rail and unloaded by crane. Here, the Knoxville Locomotive Works 20B picks up four empty gondolas from Adcom. Courtesy of Henry Dell (Elchlok) at Flicr.com

In 1883, Joseph P. Leggett developed the first successful spiral steel coil bed-spring. That same year, he formed a partnership with Cornelius B. Platt, a blacksmith, in Carthage, MO. In 1901, the partnership incorporated under the name "Leggett & Platt Spring Bed & Manufacturing Company." Today, Leggett & Platt (L&P) operates 130 manufacturing facilities in 18 countries and is the leading U.S. producer of drawn steel wire.

The Westside's ADCOM Wire Company is a member of L&P's Drawn Wire Division. ADCOM's 8-acre manufacturing plant recieves coils of wire by rail and uses the material to make products such as display racks, closet shelves, and springs for the bedding industry. In an effort to become more environmental friendly, the company obtained Eco Initiative registration in January 2014. Waste products being recycled at ADCOM today include paper, plastic, cardboard, cigarette butt waste, zinc, lead, and scrap wire. ADCOM employs around 120 workers and is located at 925 North Lane Avenue.

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