6 International Companies Making Things in the Westside

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Jacksonville is about as close to a historical manufacturing mecca as you'll find in Florida. Blessed with a location where interstate highways, railroads, and ports meet, the city has the ideal ingredients for a highly diversified mix of manufactures. Here's six international manufacturers, that you may not have known, that are heavily invested in the city's Westside.

2. Canam Steel Corporation

The Canam Group is the largest fabricator of steel components in North America. The corporation's manufacturing division operates 22 plants in Canada and the United States producing customized construction products, broken down in to three major groups: building construction, structural steel construction, and bridge construction.

Canam produces United Steel Deck products in South Plainfield, NJ; Peru, IL; and in Jacksonville at 140 Ellis Road. Specifically, the Ellis Road plant makes steel bars and joists that are used in the construction of buildings ranging from sports arenas to apartment buildings. Here, 240 employees work rotate shifts at the 206,000 square foot operation, which can be characterized as a large tent-like structure where steel goes from one end to the other in assembly-line fashion. Prior to Canam's 1995 acquisition, the 60,000 ton capacity plant was a satellite facility of Pennsylvania-based Dura-Bond Steel Corporation. Dura-Bond provided corrosion protection services for manufacturers of steel products.

Two coil railroad cars and a gondola at Canam Steel's Westside plant. Courtesy of Henry Dell (Elchlok) at

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