Seven Distinctive Products Made in Jax

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Manufacturing is alive and well in Jacksonville. Here's a brief look at seven interesting companies producing products you're probably very familiar with.

1. BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards Jacksonville LLC

Courtesy of BAE

BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards is a division of BAE Systems Ship Repair, which belongs to BAE Systems, Inc. BAE Systems Southeast was formed from a 2010 acquisition between two major companies: Jacksonville's Atlantic Marine and JF Lehman Company.

Their headquarters is located here in Jacksonville, where they employ a totaled 900 people between here and their Mayport location. The Jax shipyards perform luxury yacht refits and repairs, commercial ship repairs and conversions, naval ship repairs and conversions, and industrial and marine fabrication and assembly. They are open 24/7, 365 days a year. They also have recently entered into the construction market, supporting the barge, energy, and dredge markets.

The Jax shipyard itself has 3 piers and one wharf, equaling roughly 1600 square feet. It also has 3 marine railways with lifts up to 4000 tons, and a sustained dry-dock with a 13,500 ton lift. They currently are executing a five-year, multi-option and ship contract for guided missile cruisers and guided missile destroyers.

Courtesy of BAE

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