Seven Distinctive Products Made in Jax

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Manufacturing is alive and well in Jacksonville. Here's a brief look at seven interesting companies producing products you're probably very familiar with.

6. TTX Company

TTX has been around since the 1950s, acting as a major provider to the rail industry. This company began under the Pennsylvania Railroad under the name “Trailer Train.” They decided to invest in new technology—flat cars, which could haul highway trailers. More rail carriers hoped on board, buying stock, and in 1974 the “pooling agreement” was reached.  

Today, the company is known as TTX, and is primarily a railcar leasing and pooling company. Their iconic yellow cars can be seen on railroads all over the U.S., carrying everything from containers and automobiles to lumber and steel. TTX’s fleet is composed of over 220,000 railcars, and over the last five years or so, they have invested over $2 billion to add to that. TTX has its own engineering and design team top help take care of, and maintain, their large fleet of railcars across the U.S.

Jacksonville's TTX Company repair shop and fabrication facility is located just west of downtown at 1450 West Church Street.

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