Seven Distinctive Products Made in Jax

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Manufacturing is alive and well in Jacksonville. Here's a brief look at seven interesting companies producing products you're probably very familiar with.

2. Kaman Aerospace

Courtesy of Aerospace Manufacturing & Design

Kaman Aerospace is a U.S. aerospace company headquartered from Bloomfield, Connecticut. The company began all the way back in 1945 when it was founded by Charles Kaman. The company originally operated specifically as a manufacturer and designer for several helicopters, but expanded to aerospace operations in 1956. They also expanded into the music scene in the mid-1960s, eventually opening Kaman Music.

Jacksonville's Kaman Aerospace manufacturing facility is located in Imeson Industrial Park. They have two major divisions: Industrial Distribution and Aerospace. Their Industrial Distribution is one of the third largest in America. Their major product categories include: bearings, automation, electrical control, power distribution, and material handling. Their Aerospace division is involved in both the global commercial and military aerospace defense markets. Their major product categories include: airframe bearings, composite structures, helicopter service and support, and helicopter systems and components. Major companies, such as as Bell Helicopter and Boeing, are customers of Kaman.

Courtesy of Kaman

Kaman Aerospace is located at 227 Gun Club Road.

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