Seven Distinctive Products Made in Jax

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Manufacturing is alive and well in Jacksonville. Here's a brief look at seven interesting companies producing products you're probably very familiar with.

3. Mercury Luggage

Courtesy of Mercury Luggage

Mercury Luggage Company was founded in 1946 as a privately owned corporation in Jacksonville. They are a company that supplies premier, high-quality luggage, sports bags, and custom trunks to major corporations around the United States. A large company in of itself, in 1998, Mercury acquired Seward Trunk Company, one of the largest domestic manufacturers of trunks and luggage in the United States. Their domestic warehouse now exceeds 300,000 square feet.

Mercury makes luggage, bags, and trunks in an array of sizes and colors. Their company also does custom import orders and their camo pattern has been approved by the AAFES consumer protection laboratory of the United States Military. Mercury’s factories have been officially rated by the British Standards Institution as one of the outstanding manufacturers for these products.

Courtesy of Mercury Luggage

Mercury Luggage is located at 4843 Victor Street.

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