Neighborhoods: Atlantic Beach

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Metro Jacksonville takes a look at the sunny side of the ditch, in a community entrenched in history, with a recent flair for modern homes and neighborhood compactness. Join us as we stroll down this part of the beaches, known by the locals as "AB", where "everyone knows everyone" is no exaggeration.

School & Town Departments

City of Atlantic Beach Police & Fire

The two city departments, along with City Hall, are all adjacent to one another off Seminole Rd.

City Hall in the background, with the police segment sitting to the immediate right and left of this photo.

The fire & rescue services of AB are in conjunction with the Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department.

Atlantic Beach Elementary School

Beaches Town Center

This shopping and dining district is an inviting, compact, mixed-use area, with a strong point of walkability. Restaurants include local favorites, with rich ties to the neighborhood, including Ragtime Tavern (Folio Weekly's Best of Jax 2011 winner for "Best Restaurant in Jacksonville"), Caribbee Key Island Grille & Cruzan Rum Bar (the beachiest, umbrella-drink place in town), Sun Dog, Pete's Bar (full of new and old legends alike, your classic pool hall bar and Folio's "Best Bar When You're Out Of Work"), and Lemon Bar. New and joints liven the place up, like Poe's Tavern and soon-to-be M Shack, and make it a spot for all to enjoy. Ritzier establishments make for a nice dinner date or social gathering, including Ocean 60 (voted a top restaurant numerous times), Mezza Luna, and the Azurea Restaurant & Lounge inside One Ocean Resort. It's rounded out with boutiques, fitness spots, yogurt & coffee shops, and Folio Weekly's Best of Jax 2011 "Best Smoke Shop" winner Island Girl Cigar Bar, with nightly live music coming from all directions. An Art Walk is held in the square every third Thursday of the month from 5-9; this month marks the events fourth anniversary.

A calendar of events can be found here:

Exterior view of One Ocean Resort Hotel & Spa.

The AB lifeguard station sits to the right of the hotel in an eccentric narrow building.

One Ocean and the tower looking from beachside.

Article and photos by Sarah Gojekian.

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