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Metro Jacksonville takes a look at the sunny side of the ditch, in a community entrenched in history, with a recent flair for modern homes and neighborhood compactness. Join us as we stroll down this part of the beaches, known by the locals as "AB", where "everyone knows everyone" is no exaggeration.

Full History:

The former Atlantic Beach railroad station.

Many of Atlantic Beach's historic residences were built as summer homes in the vicinity of the Continental Hotel.

W.H. Adams, Sr. purchased the former Continental Hotel site and developed the 50 room Atlantic Beach Hotel in the 1925.  The City of Atlantic Beach constructed the adjacent concrete bulkhead in 1933 and 1934.  In 1964, Hurricane Dora would devastate the hotel and adjacent pier.

Historic images courtesy of the State Archives of Florida.

Residential Atlantic Beach

This residence at 47 11th Street was built by lumberman Robert H. Paul in 1902.  The original occupant was John G. Christopher, former owner of the great Murray Hall Hotel at Pablo Beach.  Christopher used the house to entertain guests and it evenutally gained a reputation as "a party house."

This house at 1163 Beach Avenue was built by Robert H. Paul in 1902.  Paul's Lake City sawmill supplied the majority of the lumber for the Continental Hotel.  The lumber for this house was barged down the St. Johns River, and then thrown overboard into the ocean in front of the homesite, allowing the lumber to float ashore.

This stretch of homes beachside between 5th and 7th Streets are all over 100 years old.

And again.

An infill development on Ahern Street near the Beaches Town Center.

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