Neighborhoods: Atlantic Beach

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Metro Jacksonville takes a look at the sunny side of the ditch, in a community entrenched in history, with a recent flair for modern homes and neighborhood compactness. Join us as we stroll down this part of the beaches, known by the locals as "AB", where "everyone knows everyone" is no exaggeration.


Bike paths line most of the roads, with the main one winding down Plaza Road. This is a view looking towards Mayport Rd.

Jack Russell Park includes a soccer field, basketball court, baseball field, and other amenities, as well as a large open-area playground.

The park is situated adjacent to, and somewhat integrated with City Hall, and both the fire and police stations. The fields are to the left of this photo, and tennis courts and a skate bowl sit in the background.

Practice and community tournaments take place here very frequently.

Oceanside Rotary Skatepark, known by the locals as the "AB Bowl."

Across from the park.

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