Neighborhoods: Atlantic Beach

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Metro Jacksonville takes a look at the sunny side of the ditch, in a community entrenched in history, with a recent flair for modern homes and neighborhood compactness. Join us as we stroll down this part of the beaches, known by the locals as "AB", where "everyone knows everyone" is no exaggeration.

Diverse Architecture

The homes in AB are each unique, and several design styles are incorporated in this residential area. Some old-school beach style one-level homes, some very modern and updated. Here's a look at various houses along the four roads closest to beachside: Beach Avenue (1st from the beach), Ocean Blvd. (2nd), East Coast Drive (3rd), and Seminole Road (4th), as well as the short stretch of Ocean Grove Drive. The feel is very enclosed, very homey, and extremely close and peaceful. It is very much the epitome of a laid-back suburban beach community.

Front view of one home, hidden down a long private road.

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