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Special Edition: Predicting the Growth of a Future Metropolis

In this special, the staff of Metro Jacksonville shares a section of the 1931 Jacksonville Master Plan, that predicts how the city would develop, 40 years into the future.

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Downtown Frankenstein

Jacksonville is a city that has been blessed with every possible advantage. Not only is it situated in one of the most beautiful natural settings offered by the planet, but has every reason to be the most powerful economic power of the South.

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Disappearing Brooklyn: Saving What's Left

While the city has big redevelopment plans for Brooklyn, significant buildings that represented the community for the last 100 years are being knocked down in the process. When will Jacksonville learn that once we destroy our historic fabric, it can not be undone?

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Friendship Fountain: The Truth Beneath the Lies

If the city has its way, Friendship Fountain, one of Jacksonville’s most recognizable landmarks, is well on its way to being destroyed and replaced by a new interactive kiddie pool along with a downtown resembling Sesame Street.

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Durkeeville: Jacksonville

The historic community of Durkeeville, one of Jacksonville's most dense historic neighborhoods, developed in the 1930s as a place of refuge for the city’s African Americans during the Jim Crow Era. Like many inner city neighborhoods, the area began to suffer after being cut off from downtown...

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Downtown: The Hotels of an era gone by

In the early 20th century, downtown was Florida?s premier urban center. The Silent Film industry was booming, jazz and blues joints lined Ashley, the Jacksonville Terminal was the destination point to over 100 passenger trains a day, and Forsyth Street was the home to a large theater district.

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LaVilla: Jacksonville's First Incorporated Suburb

Although its not promoted as well as it can be and is often swept under the rug in many cases, our city has a rich and interesting history. One of the most interesting areas of town is LaVilla. While not much remains of this section of downtown, many significant events took place in what as Jacksonville’s...

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