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Native Sun's Monthly Markdowns: August 2015 (Sponsored)

Native Sun Natural Foods Market: Monthly Markdowns for August 2015. Deals on High Quality and Natural Foods. Eat Local. Go Native.

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Sweet Pete's kicks off national expansion

Downtown Jacksonville's Sweet Pete's Candy kicks-off national expansion after acquisition of Jolly Good Fellows.

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Shad Khan Loses Summary Foreclosure Bid for Barnett

Recently Stache Investments filed a motion for summary foreclosure of the Barnett Building, a downtown landmark owned in partnership with Steve Atkins' Barnett Tower Group. After reviewing the evidence, Judge Daniel of the Circuit Court dismissed the motion today. Read the actual Order to Deny the...

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Full General Counsel's Report on HRO Legal Environment

In one of the last real acts of the Brown Administration, one of the most damaging issues (to Brown) during his campaign for reelection--- the Human Rights Ordinance was shuffled off to the office of General Counsel to sort out whether Jacksonville, in fact, even needed to protect LGBT citizens from...

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Brawl Breaks Out in Orlando Publix

Shopping wasn't a pleasure at this ritzy Baldwin Park Publix, in suburban Orlando, when two middle-aged men were not mature enough to keep their hands off each other.

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Arash Kamiar: Financing the 2015 Mayoral Election

Political Action Committees (PACs) were the economic engine behind the 2015 mayoral race. Here's some analysis on where the money went and how it got there.

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2015 Mayoral Election Brought to you By...

The top 11 contributors to the 2015 mayoral election.

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Mayor-Elect Lenny Curry Announces More Appointments

Mayor-elect Lenny Curry announced today that he has appointed Kerri Stewart as his Chief-of-Staff; former City Councilman Dr. Johnny Gaffney as the Mayor’s Liaison to Boards and Commissions; former City Councilwoman E. Denise Lee as Director of Blight Initiatives; and Latanya Peterson as a member of...

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Mayor-elect Curry Announces Key Hiring Decisions

As he continues to build his team, Mayor-elect Lenny Curry announced today he has made the following appointments to his team as he prepares to take the oath of office on July 1.

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