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Bold Bean In San Marco Opens

The beloved Jacksonville Coffeehouse and Roastery officially expanded into San Marco today when it opened its doors in San Marco.

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Moon Over the (Farmers) Market

Moon Over the Market is a tasting event featuring the iconic Jacksonville Farmers Market. Held under sparkling lights, our area's food and drink will shine with live music, shopping, adult beverages, local restaurants, and a culinary competition featuring the next generation of chefs. Market guides will...

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Corpses and Cocktails Sleepover at MOSH!

This month the Museum of Science and History has got a pretty awesome party planned to coincide with the Halloween Season: Corpses and Cocktails. One of the coolest sleepover events you can imagine!

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Top Late Night Restaurants in Jacksonville

As Jacksonville's Dining and Nightlife grows, so too has its offerings of places that serve late night nosh. Not too long ago, finding a meal at 1 in the morning meant either Kickbacks or Casbah---or (heaven forbid) the all nighter breakfast chains--like Waffle House or Denny's. Now, however, there...

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Primitive Funa-Zushi. The Horrid Roots of Modern Sushi

The dish that we know as Sushi is a brilliantly modernized version of a Japanese Culinary innovation from the 1800s. Its introduction to world kitchens, particularly American, has transformed it into one of the most successful fusion food forms in the world. Without global influences, Sushi would not...

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