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A New Kind of Artist Housing Is Changing Neighborhoods

Shared ownership model of artist housing transforming Indianapolis blocks from vacant to vibrant as artists and developer teamed up to develop affordable housing for working creative professionals.

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Financial Priorities: Spending on Stadiums vs. Schools

Is it time to re-evaluate the amount of public money utilized to subsidize sports stadiums at the expense of other community needs? The editorial team at FormSwift believes so. With that in mind, FormSwift shares an easy-to-digest, user-friendly resource to begin learning about the misplaced spending...

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Downtown Jacksonville's 15 Largest Buildings

How well do you think you know downtown Jacksonville? Here's a list of the 15 largest non-residential buildings in downtown by gross area. The size of some on this list may surprise you.

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Changing the urban landscape in 2017

2016 saw the long anticipated return of the tower crane to Jacksonville's urban core. Looking forward to 2017, here are five projects and points of discussion that have the potential to lay the groundwork for a future pedestrian friendly city.

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10 Jax neighborhoods with thematic street names

All cities have street names and no matter what you're into, a Jacksonville neighborhood may have a set of street names themed for you. Here are a few we've come across. Let us know what we've missed.

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