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Remembering The Richmond Hotel

Now occupied by the DeLoach Furniture Company, the Richmond Hotel is one of a handful of historically significant buildings that survived the 1990s demolition derby party held in LaVilla.

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Five of the Most Amazing Things About Jacksonville

Without Jacksonville the world would be a poorer and less interesting place. It is no exaggeration to say that some of the most important cultural and social trends of the past hundred years are rooted either in Jax or people from Jax. Without Native Jaxson Don Estridge, for example, would we all be...

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Red Grange and the Chicago Bears Barnstorm to Jax

Ken Bowen, the author of Big League City: 100 Years of Football in Jacksonville, shares the story of Jacksonville's first professional football game.

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The Thirteen Moves That Actually Destroyed Downtown

What caused the downtown to collapse? How did such a busy city become so fragile? Its a question that very few people have asked, preferring to start instead with 'How do we redevelop downtown?' Jville didn't make mistakes that no one else made, ---by any stretch. But we stuck with them. Here, for...

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Moncrief Springs: French Crown Jewels of Jacksonville

What follows is one of the most colorful and incredible legends of Jacksonville's surprising past. In an article written by Bob Mann on September 23, 2008, in the same manner that it was told to him, southern storyteller style. The student of history will notice glaringly unhistorical libels and inaccuracies,...

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The Story of Dixieland Park

Modern Cities and Transform Jax share a story by Mike Goldman about the rise and fall of an early Jacksonville amusement park: Dixieland Park

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What 1910 Knew About Rebuilding Downtown That We Don't

For 50 years now, various bodies have attempted to redevelop downtown. Billions of dollars have been spent. Anyone can see the result. And yet our City has completely rebuilt its downtown before---starting from complete destruction and creating a bustling metropolis in only ten years. (a fifth of the...

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Ryan Rummel: From Jails to Factories

Ryan Rummel brings a pretty haunting and sobering short about the transition of this country's detention system from small jails for the first three hundred years of our history into the giant prison industry complex of today.

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Jacksonville History: Cooling "The Long Hot Era"

While the business leaders of the area were discussing the future of Jacksonville in Planning, this article also appeared in Jacksonville Magazine, describing the efforts of the Jacksonville business community to reach out to the Negroes. At the time, Mayor Hans Tanzler feared the unleashing of a 'national...

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