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The Thirteen Moves That Actually Destroyed Downtown

What caused the downtown to collapse? How did such a busy city become so fragile? Its a question that very few people have asked, preferring to start instead with 'How do we redevelop downtown?' Jville didn't make mistakes that no one else made, ---by any stretch. But we stuck with them. Here, for...

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Ryan Rummel: From Jails to Factories

Ryan Rummel brings a pretty haunting and sobering short about the transition of this country's detention system from small jails for the first three hundred years of our history into the giant prison industry complex of today.

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Jacksonville History: Cooling "The Long Hot Era"

While the business leaders of the area were discussing the future of Jacksonville in Planning, this article also appeared in Jacksonville Magazine, describing the efforts of the Jacksonville business community to reach out to the Negroes. At the time, Mayor Hans Tanzler feared the unleashing of a 'national...

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Taylor Hardwick's Iconic Skinner Stores

Created by the architectural firm of Hardwick & Lee, the Skinner's Milk Houses were thoughtfully designed and visually interesting structures that would eventually become an iconic presence throughout the greater Jacksonville area. Jonathan Lux explores The Skinner's Milk Houses for Metro Jacksonville...

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Remembering Oriental Gardens

Situated just south of Craig Creek in San Marco, Oriental Gardens charmed Jacksonville visitors for nearly two decades.

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Lost Jacksonville: Horse Racing at Moncrief Park

Today, Moncrief is an area that most Jaxsons avoid or know little about outside of the local media's crime coverage. However, a century ago it was the site of one of the country's most popular horse racing tracks.

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Four Things That Nearly Wiped Jacksonville Off The Map

Many people know that Jacksonville was once almost completely destroyed by fire in 1901. At least they do now. Twenty years ago, this was not widely known, but now the memory is so revived that there is even a commissioned Public Art work commemorating The Great Fire of 1901. What is not as well known...

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The Future They Foresaw: 1964 envisions 2000

George W. Simons, the pioneering colossus of the City Planning movement in the Southeast was a Jacksonville brand. He helped Grace Trout and the women of Jacksonville produce the very first Southern City Plan in Jacksonville in the 1920s and was instrumental in creating planning boards across the southeast....

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Legends of Jville: Mary Nolan, the Feistiest Suffragist

''I am guilty if there is any guilt in a demand for freedom.'' The words of Mary Nolan, the surprising tough granny who put up with torture, starvation, prison and terror in the fight for Equality. Read the stomach wrenching and inspiring story of our girl, Mary Nolan, one of Jville's greatest suffragists.

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