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7 Haunted Places In Jacksonville

If you're the type of person who believes in ghost, ghouls, and goblins, here are few sites in town you might want to avoid this weekend.

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5 Lost Colleges & Universities of the Inner City

Many would like to see an urban university grow up in the heart of the city. Here's five schools that got away.

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17 Amazing Images of Old Downtown Jacksonville

How well do you know Downtown Jacksonville? If so, you should have no problem in identifying the location of these early 20th century photographs. Take a look and give it a try!

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Elena Flats: A Look Inside Before Restoration Begins

A look inside the remains of a century old downtown Jacksonville rooming house before restoration begins: The Elena Flats Building

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A Century of Jax's Tallest Skyscrapers

Immediately following the Great Fire of 1901, the skyscraper made its way to Jacksonville. Over the decades to follow, the city's tallest building has changed nine times. Here's a look at those buildings.

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Video: 1930s Jacksonville

Can you figure out what neighborhoods are featured in this 1930s Jacksonville home video?

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You have no idea of what was once located here!

Here's five more additions to the Concrete Slabs of Jacksonville series.

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Seven Decisions That Killed Downtown

During the late 20th century, changes in the nation's business policies and practices dramatically impacted our central business districts. Some, like Charlotte and Houston, came out as winners. Others like New Orleans and Jacksonville were dealt blows they're still working hard to overcome today. Ever...

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