Jacksonville Nightlife Guide: Best Bars and Drinks

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Jacksonville has a nightlife rich with lounges, tiki bars, beer hound taverns and sophisticated whisky dives — something for everyone. If you're looking for somewhere to go next time you hit the town, here are some of the best bars Jacksonville has to offer, as well as their specialties.

The Casbah Cafe

This is the place for you if you're a beer hound who likes exotic imports. The beer list has imports from Lebanon, Turkey, the Philippines and many other places. It also features comfortable outdoor seating and belly dancers for entertainment. A diverse menu of foods from around the world pair well with the exotic beers, and it also has a collection of hookahs you can indulge in if you enjoy the occasional smoke. This bar isn't only for beer lovers, though. It also has a full bar, but be sure to expect something out of the ordinary.

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