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Written by Rhonda Kovar

Of all the chefs we've had the pleasure to work with, there are few more committed to healthy, sustainable, local cooking than Chef Rosaria Anderson.  She is a passionate force in the Jacksonville food community, giving both her time and energy to countless organizations throughout our area.  While her focus is primarily on healthy, clean eating, her food covers all dietary philosophies - vegan, gluten-free, paleo, and even delicious food for us meat-eaters as well.  For a while now, Rosaria has been an active participant in the local green food scene, selling her healthy This Chick Can Cook grab-and-go meals at markets and through her catering service.

Now she brings that same passion and energy to her new venture - This Chick's Kitchen on 6th Avenue in Jax Beach.  Chef Rosaria’s new place is modeled after in-home eateries found across Europe.  Rosaria fondly recalls stopping in at such casual home restaurants during her childhood growing up in Sicily.  Food was prepared based on what was fresh at the market, not based off of a grocery list or rigid menu.  And when you walked in, you were greeted and welcomed as if you were family.  This Chick's Kitchen sets exactly the same tone.  There is a cozy, familial atmosphere, made even more welcoming by Chef Rosaria's warm and inviting personality.  When we stopped in recently, she was thrilled to show us around.

The front dining area is drenched in sunlight and filled with the colorful and eclectic work of local artists.  This is the perfect spot to grab a quick lunch from the grab-and-go case or to craft a custom meal from the Innovation Station, Chef Rosaria's pride and joy (more on that in a minute).  There is a back room tucked behind the open kitchen, creating a great space for more intimate gatherings and events, with a great view of the healing garden out back.  The garden boasts a wide array of greenery and herbs and provides a space for people to relax, wander through the labyrinth, and enjoy a little bit of nature.  Not only does Chef Rosaria offer up delicious food to nourish the body, but her new space also has art, decor, and ambiance to feed the soul.  It is a calm and peaceful space, but also has a rejuvenating, energizing effect.

A salad and a centerpiece

As far as food goes, there is no doubt that Chef Rosaria has mastered her craft.  Her food is nothing short of art.  It is beautiful, seasonal, and well thought-out.  Keeping all that in mind, consider Chef Rosaria created her Innovation Station. When you walk up to the counter, you are greeted by a beautiful spread of farm fresh, local ingredients, just waiting for you to dream up something delicious to eat.  The idea is to allow diners to order anything their heart desires, all handcrafted with the best locally-sourced veggies.  While it may seem overwhelming to have so many choices and no structured menu, trust us - you are in good hands with Chef Rosaria.

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