Six Authentic Mexican Restaurants in Jacksonville

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According to Metro Jacksonville forum members, here's six Mexican restaurants where you can find an authentic meal.

1. Pepes Hacienda
3615 Dupont Avenue

Anyone who says there isn't "real Mexican" in Jacksonville hasn't been to Pepe's Hacienda. They are the real deal. Fresh tamales, corn tortillas, delicious and authentic in, the Mexican food you'll find in the interior of Mexico. You won't find shredded cheese and sour cream here. They use real, homemade, Mexican farmers cheese. What's extra cool about Pepe's is that the restaurant is inside a Latin American grocery store. So, not only can you eat authentic food, but you can find authentic Mexican/Latin American products.

Pepes Hacienda is located at 3615 Dupont Avenue. Their menu offers a wide a variety of authentic Mexican cuisine—from homemade, Mexican farmer’s cheese, to fresh, handmade tamales and tortillas. They serve typical dishes like burritos and enchiladas, but also offer other traditional dishes like Veracruz-style seafood and octopus. Pepe’s also serves many different meats for their dishes, including: chicken, beef steak, lengua, barbacoa, and carnitas.

Aside from the food, they also home-make all their “aguas frescas.” They make horchata, which is a rice-based drink, as well as Jamaica, which is from hibiscus flowers, and melon, which is basically like a cantaloupe juice. Additionally, the restaurant is actually located inside a market, so you can not only eat authentic food, but you can also buy authentic food, and products, to take home. They have homemade corn dough for sale, as well as a bakery, and a butcher.

For information and hours, you can visit:

Photographs courtesy of Pepes Hacienda

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