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TEDxJacksonville: The Dynamic Future of Neuroscience

Spring Behrouz on The Dynamic Future of Neuroscience

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Karrissa Wade Interviews Amber

Amber, the Pop Superstar who kind of rocked local airwaves with her hit single 'Sexual' a couple of years back will be performing at an uncharacteristically intimate venue here in Jax: Hamburger Mary's. Karrissa Wade caught up with the performer for a surprising interview that takes us from GLBT issues...

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Karrissa Wade Interviews Howie Mandell

The celebrated comedian, Howie Mandel is performing at the Florida Theatre here in Jacksonville, and Metrojacksonville's correspondent, Karrissa Wade was able to catch up with him and exchange some gossip about his career, keeping Howard Stern safe for television and the return of Bobby! Catch the details...

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Karrissa Wade Interviews Del Shores

Del Shores has been a voice for gay Southerners in the United States on the theatre stage for going on 20 years now. Best known for writing "Sordid Lives" (which has been produced locally) He is also the creator of Southern Baptist Sissies (also produced locally in Riverside a few years back). His...

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Jaxlore: Folklore, Urban Legends, and Regionalisms

Folklore is the unofficial culture of a community, passed along through word of mouth and other back channels. Folklore is often indelibly tied to place, and is a large part of what makes home feel like home. Here are a few common bits of lore from Jacksonville and the First Coast. How many do you recognize?...

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Karrissa Wade Interviews Wanda Sykes

Karrissa Wade, who has been writing, performing and contributing to Metro Jacksonville on LGBT politics and local culture for 8 years has a saucy discussion with Wanda Sykes, the comedy legend. Join us after the jump for the details and smack talk. Including a few contributions from Wanda's pet dogs!

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9 Real Town Centers Worth Visiting In The First Coast

Here are nine authentic neighborhood town centers outside of downtown that prove there's more to Jacksonville and the First Coast than the typical suburban shopping mall.

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TEDxJacksonville: The Power of Uniqueness

Ed McMahon, who holds the Charles E. Fraser Chair on Sustainable Development at the Urban Land Institute in Washington, DC, believes that Place is more than just a location on a map. Place is the unique collection of qualities and characteristics–visual, cultural, social, environmental–that provide...

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