Not Very Ladylike with Karrissa Wade: Truvada

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The irrepressible Karrissa Wade has a new show! Welcome to the debut mini-episode of Not Very Ladylike with Karrissa Wade. This is the first of many spicy episodes with the First Lady of Jacksonville! We will be debuting new material every weekend, including a variety of original skits by the thoughtful, provocative activist from Jville! Join us after the NSFW jump as she attempts to put some knowledge in your head about a new way to prevent HIV.

Not Very Ladylike’s cabaret comedy queen and community activist Karrissa Wade gives the lowdown on PrEp and the antiviral drug, Truvada. Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is an HIV-prevention strategy based on Truvada’s daily usage. The pill, which has been FDA-approved since 2012, is intended to protect the user from contracting HIV if exposed to the virus. With her penchant for cut-to-the-point humor, Karrissa weighs the pros and cons of getting on PrEP and reminds viewers the importance of being knowledgeable of and responsible for their sexual history and habits.
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About Karrissa Wade

Karrissa Wade is one of the most accomplished and well known drag performers in Jville.  Active in politics, theatre, art and the performance and pageant circuit, she has been the host of countless charity events and benefits, and has been a correspondent for MetroJacksonville since 2008.

You can catch her regular performances at Hamburger Marys or connect with her on Facebook.