Arash Kamiar: Interview with Matt Willis

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Matt Willis says we're in an energy boom and personal energy independence is likely. He discusses JEA's strange battle with homeowners installing solar panels. Conversations about the renewable energy industry and cool technologies headed our way.

Matt Willis is a scientist with a passion for clean energy and energy efficiency practices. Matt has worked on different energy projects across the country as well as functioned as an environmental scientist for the federal government. Formerly a research scientist Matt worked on projects from the beaches of Kennedy Space Center to the forests of Washington state. Following a short stint in academia Matt jumped feet first into conveying his passion for a more energy efficient economy through involvement establishing cleaner fuels in the maritime industry. He now is focused on bringing down energy consumption of the built environment through applying efficiency measures. Matt holds a Masters of Science from Cal Poly in Sustainable Energy as well as a Bachelors of Science in Earth Science from Cal Poly. Prior to living in Jacksonville Matt spent 13 years in California where he met his Marni a native Californian. Matt and Marni have a young son named Jas. A native of coastal North Carolina he considers himself a true waterman.