Tonight With Jim Alabiso: Barbara Colaciello Sings!

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In this episode of Tonight! with Jim Alabiso, we watch as local theatre person and dramaturge, Barbara Colaciello is hectored about her early years and shares a fascinating background story or two with the eponymous host of Tonight! with Jim Alabiso! Check out the fun and gory details after the jump!

Tonight! with Jim Alabiso is
written by Jim Alabiso
produced by Jim Alabiso
directed by Sam Farmer
edited by Tami Lee and Sam Farmer
set design by Michael Glinski
emcee and cohost Christina Boykin
The Tonight! Band is Spice and the PoBoys with Brittany Wescott and Mike Bernos
theme song “Famous” by Jaimz Mallete

Barbara Colaciello, the well known theatrical director/writer/performer joins Jim for a slow motion grilling of epic proportions, during which she sings old torch songs and reminisces about Andy Warhol (her former employer) and her work in Jacksonville.

The intrepid Ms. Colaciello is one of the most fascinating and surprising creators in the city, and this episode provides some interesting insight into her formative years and career!  Enjoy the interview tension carefully played out by Alabiso as the segment unwinds.

make up by Renee Parenteau Makeup & Hair
hair by Pat Cole of THE, The Hair Experience
talent coaching by Barbara Colaciello

Jim Alabiso    

Jim Alabiso photo by Toni Smailagic