App Development team, intoGo, moves Downtown

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An app full of intelligent and clear suggestions, intoGo, has just taken a major leap to Downtown Jacksonville, FL, in order to acquire fresh minds and craft a superior app for its users. Check out the details of the new tech company after the jump!

Jacksonville -2016 --  Whether sitting at home or vacationing out of town, there is always something more to discover. How often do we hear of events long after they've taken place? How difficult is it to discover the local gems around town? All too often do local gems go undiscovered for too long. A quickly rising smartphone app, intoGo is here to save users from the status quo and reveal the excitement surrounding every town. intoGo provides suggestions for every uncertainty including where to eat, where to socialize, or simply what to do. In this way, intoGo is able to create seamless evenings and preserve spontaneity all in one place without the hassle of searching multiple avenues.

Using matching learning technology, intoGo learns what you’re into, and suggests where to go. As a modern and innovative app company that is prime to grow, intoGo decided a move to an equally promising headquarters. Downtown Jacksonville, Florida turned out to be the perfect match. With a budding tech industry, even the air around Downtown Jacksonville seems to be charged with optimistic visions and dreams. Here, intoGo will continue to grow its company with bright new minds. Conveniently, intoGo was able to hire a few team members from the recently dissolved software company Ignite, also located in Downtown Jacksonville. Along with these new key employees, intoGo will be able to merge brilliant programmers with a revolutionary vision, enabling a truly vital app.

Aside from the experience backing intoGo, stands simplicity. With an easy to use, customizable interface, intoGo trusts that the app will be perfect in the hands of any user no matter their desires. After opening the app, users will be presented with suggestions and can swipe left, right or tap to dismiss the suggestion, save the suggestion or delve deeper into more information. Backing this elegantly straight-forward function is a minimalistic design. At a glance, users have all the information needed to give the suggestion a simple yes or no. What’s exciting is the adaptations that intoGo makes with each touch of the screen. The more a user uses the app, the more effective the app becomes. By learning from the user’s decisions, intoGo is able to tailor its suggestions, ensuring only the best recommendations, specific to each user, are presented. In addition, users can impose manual filters for categories like dining, sports, outdoors, etc. All these features are beautifully woven together into a single, powerful, and decisive app, perfect for finding the right event, restaurant, and more.

About intoGo
The original concept of intoGo started with unwavering desire over four years ago. Founder Zachary Schwartz was inspired after realizing just how long it took to find things to do after a new move. So he put all of his passion into his newborn project: intoGo. Today, intoGo has received over a million dollars in backing and is ready for the beta launch this October with a focus on the Jacksonville market.

To sign up for beta testing or to learn more about the app, visit