Riverside's Toxic New Zoning Overlay Proposal

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If passed by City Council, this new overlay will effectively end the growth of Riverside Avondale as a walkable vibrant urban neighborhood. With draconian measures calling for the closure of all new restaurants at 8pm, provisions making it illegal to sell food to go, and limiting all future restaurants to 60 seats within the Historic 'Residential Character' Areas. Here, for consideration is the proposed new map and ordinance.

The existing overlay map.

The proposed new zoning map, limiting all commercial activity to the designated areas.  A walkability killing measure in and of itself.

Here is the actual zoning which is suppressed by this new overlay.  (although the copy is a bit blurry---its a photo of a home printer) you can see how much zoning is covered up by the 'residential character' overlay designation.  Areas that have commercial zoning are pink, rose and red, areas that are multi family are orange.  They are covered over under the 'residential character' area with the light yellow.  With the new bill, all of these areas are directly effected.

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