Riverside Avondale Actual Zoning Map With Overlay Areas

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Finding a map that shows the actual zoning of the Riverside Avondale are in any detail has been pretty difficult. Even for the city to produce....This one took a week of looking to get an accurate map. Click on the link for a first view of how the two different maps overlap onto each other.

The blue lines show the different zoning designations, (which there are quite a few).

The fill color show you how the Riverside Avondale 'characterizes' the area---labelling commercial properties in many cases into a 'residential character'.  Likewise, many apartments/residents into 'character areas' that aren't residential.

The tactic so far has been to change what is allowed in the 'character areas' so that it overrides the actual zoning of the very diverse properties underneath the blanket.

Here, for your inspection are both in one map.

To see a super giant version of this map, you can click here: (its huge)

Here is a thread on the first community wide meeting about this new overlay proposal.

Next Page: Jim Love's Zoning Overlay Amendments as proposed in Bill 2016-580  The new, new amendment, with new amendments will be introduced at the Church of the Good Shepherd November 2, 2016

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