A Note from Paula Bartlett: Clerk of Court Candidate

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Make Jacksonville Bold Again! A short essay from Paula Bartlett, candidate for Clerk of the Court of Duval County just before the election.

So, as enter we this final week of a tumultuous election season, I’ve been pondering what I want to tell you. Here is the bottom line: Yes, you CAN vote Paula Bartlett for Clerk of Courts regardless of party/political/apolitical bent.

Early in the campaign, it seemed next to impossible to attract voters from other political points of view. Case in point, I had a gentleman stop me after seeing the “Paula Bartlett for Clerk of Courts” placards on the side of car and ask if I was Republican. When I said, “No, sir, but...” He cut me off and said, “I can’t vote for you.” Jarring as it was, that interaction clearly illustrated some of the outreach we had to do.

Well, here we are months later, and our small but mighty campaign has done just that. We’ve built a coalition from across the local political/social spectrum. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, NPAs, Berniecrats, Libertarians, Green Party, Progressives, LGBTQI, Hispanics, African-Americans, veterans, women’s groups, young people, seniors, business groups you name it, they’re on board. I’ve heard from so many Republicans (some friends, some I’ve never met before) who are casting their FIRST EVER votes for Democrats this year- for me (and in a lot of cases for HRC, too). I was surprised and honored last week to meet with a room full of Republican gentleman – at their request. Let me tell you, those guys are staunch- most voting Republican up and down the ticket, except for the Clerk’s race—they’re voting for me. Turns out, they, like most reasonable voters, regardless of party affiliation, are weary of political insiders, anointed candidates who stroll into office enrich themselves and their cronies, waste taxpayer dollars, and taint the city and its reputation.

We had a very frank exchange of ideas and I was heartened that such a civil discussion was still possible in this ridiculously toxic political climate. One lovely gentleman, shook my hand and asked for a yard sign stating, “I’ll put this in my yard as long as you’re OK with it going next to my Trump sign.” Well, I am OK with that. We are a community, a coalition of reasonable people who want to move Jacksonville beyond old style politics. That’s how we make Jacksonville the Bold New City of the South. It takes all sorts, working together to move boldly. So, who else, can in good conscience, vote for me? Well, here’s a quick run-down: Republicans: If you’re interested in good business practices, as your clerk, I will restore an abandoned revenue stream, growing it to six figures, and cut existing waste in the form of excessive appointments and salaries at the top.

Berniecrats: First, I’ve been endorsed by the Bernie Sanders Delegation of Florida. Second, corruption in the Clerk’s office will end. No more cronyism and no more campaign donations from office contractors. The current Clerk accepts huge donations from out of state collection agencies contracting with the office.

Libertarians: If you believe in a small government, that doesn’t interfere with the lives of consenting adults, then vote for me. Unlike the incumbent, I will not use the power of the office to impose my personal beliefs on the entire community.

Green Party: I believe in equal civil rights for everyone, including marriage equality. I advocated for same-sex marriage before it was legal nationally. In fact, it was part of my campaign platform when I ran for Congress in 2014.

Independents/NPAs: You have two choices in this race: A political insider, abusing the power of the office to discriminate, enrich his friends, and takes campaign donations from city contractors. Or me, a local attorney and political outsider who will follow the law of the land, cut waste, improve service and will not accept donations where there is a conflict of interest.

So, be BOLD and join this #Coalition of Reason.

Vote Paula Bartlett for Clerk of Courts! Let’s Make Jacksonville Bold Again! Find out more:

ElectPaula.org Reminder: Early voting continues through November 6 th , 7am to 7pm. You may vote at any location at area libraries or the SOE office. Election Day is November 8 th 7am to 7pm. You must go to your assigned precinct to vote on Election Day!