Yoanna House: Fashion Gone Local and Le Macaron

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Le Macaron is home to bread, pastry, and, of course, macaron delights. Yoanna interviews owner Vincent Benoliel about the popularity of the colorful confections and his business, which has grown in only five years to franchise locations all over the country.

Fashion Gone Local was created by Yoanna House, Warren Skeels and Kathryn McAvoy
produced by TVJax.com
starring Yoanna House
edited by Marlon Smith and Chad Hendricks

On the latest episode of Fashion Gone Local, style correspondent Yoanna House visits the Miami headquarters of the nationally acclaimed franchise Le Macaron.

Florida ---the company's home base, has the the highest concentration of shops (including locally, at the Avenues Mall). Even airlines are providing Le Macaron’s tasty treats on flights.

The executive chef, Gvella, discusses with Yoanna the creation of the macaron, a French delicacy made of ganache, jam, and other fillings sandwiched between two halves of a meringue cookie.
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photo by Toni Smailagic