Tonight! with Jim Alabiso: Spice and the Po Boys

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This week, Jim lets his guests cool their heels for a while as we are treated to a live performance of Spice and the Po Boys! Check out the wonderfulness after the jump!

Spice and the Po Boys are: Brittany Wescott, vocals and crowd charmer; Mike Bernos, guitarist and songwriter; Neil Champagne, Trumpet and Keyboard; Rorick McGriff, bassist; Brian Jenkins, drums; and Gabriel Arnold, Saxophone

"Spice and the Po Boys deliver a mix of R&B, Blues-Rock and Pop tunes on Nine Lives Down that are natural and authentic as an old vinyl LP record. Brittany Wescott a.k.a. Spice, whose finely-tuned voice can turn a note inside out, brings an “an unforced emotional intensity” that is perfect for these well-crafted tunes that talk about love gone bad, personal struggles and redemption. Appropriate themes for a singer whose gospel roots constantly crack through the surface of these songs.” — Aardvark Records

Tonight! with Jim Alabiso is
written by Jim Alabiso
produced by Jim Alabiso
directed by Sam Farmer
edited by Tami Lee and Sam Farmer
set design by Michael Glinski
emcee and cohost Christina Boykin
The Tonight! Band is Spice and the PoBoys with Brittany Wescott and Mike Bernos
theme song “Famous” by Jaimz Mallete

make up by Renee Parenteau Makeup & Hair
hair by Pat Cole of THE, The Hair Experience
talent coaching by Barbara Colaciello

Jim Alabiso