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From our partners at TVJax, an episode of Swag, hosted by Nick Largen aka 'iRock'. The 24 hour streaming channel brings Jacksonville’s music scene into focus through interviews, live events, and music videos of featured artists. This segment, check out local band Whole Wheat Bread after the jump!

Local band Whole Wheat Bread plays a live show at Jax Beach music venue Jack Rabbits.

Drummer Mr. Whitefolks talks about the thrill of live performing and feeding off the energy of the crowd, commenting that the band often goes into gigs without a preconceived set list to make it up based on audience feedback.

Check out his discussion on how the underground bar scene is lacking compared to previous times, but places like Jack Rabbits are helping to revive the scene.

The band’s bassist, Will Frazier, on the benefits of touring and being able to experience new places (and especially new dining options) around the country.

Check out the music video for Whole Wheat Bread’s “Bombs Away.”

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Whole Wheat Bread

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