Ice Plant's Chef Laird Cooks for Yoanna House

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Executive Chef Laird Boles treats Yoanna to a medley of locally sourced dishes: Steak Tartare (with flash-fried egg and green goddess), Summertime Salad (watermelon, tomato jalapeno, and feta) and Frogmore Stew (sausage, grouper, prawns, corn, potatoes, and rouille sauce of red peppers, saffron, mayo).

Fashion Gone Local is produced by TVJax
Director of Photography Patrick Barry
Starring Yoanna House
Edited by Marlon Smith

The latest destination for TVJax’s Fashion Gone Local host Yoanna House is the Ice Plant in Saint Augustine.

Known for its variety of and utilization of ice, as well as its 1920s Art Deco building style, the Ice Plant offers both enticing food options and bartender-created craft cocktails.

Laird draws upon his southern cooking sensibilities, experience living and working in San Francisco, and backpacking travels through Europe to create these special dishes, which change every few months according to what ingredients are in-season and locally available.

The food at Ice Plant shifts frequently, but its quality fusion of West Coast, the South, and French cuisine remains steadfast.

For Yoanna's experience at the Ice Plant Bar, check out the Fashion Gone Local Segment.

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