Fashion Gone Local's Yoanna House goes to The Ice Plant

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TVJax’s Fashion Gone Local explores events, businesses, and people in and around Jacksonville with a focus on fashion, beauty, and dining out. The show features host, fashion model, and style correspondent Yoanna House investigating trends and interviewing their sources of inspiration and proliferation.

Fashion Gone Local is produced by TVJax
Director of Photography Patrick Barry
Starring Yoanna House
Edited by Marlon Smith
In this episode, we follow the adventure from the kitchen to the bar, Yoanna meets with Ice Plant bartenders and craft-creators Zach and Anthony.

Like their food, Ice Plant’s drink menu revolves around the influx of local ingredients’ availability.

No matter the drink, though, the bar’s namesake provides a variety of ice specific to each cocktail, a so-called art of ice.

This is apparent with Zach’s Oaxacan Night and Anthony’s Day Tripper cocktails.

Regardless of what expectations customers bring into the Ice Plant Bar, a revolving menu of food and craft cocktails, personally and carefully prepared, will make sure the experience is one of a kind every time.

text by cameron pfahler

Ice Plant Bar  
Yoanna House  

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