Swag TV Creates Awesome Music Venue Online

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We are proud to launch Swag TV on Metrojacksonville, with our content partners at TVJax. Swag is a pretty awesome look at the local music, musicians, performers, and producers that make Jville such an amazing town for music. New Swag videos will premier every weekend and we think you will be blown away by the talent and diversity of musical talent that your city has to offer! Check out the intro video after the jump.

Swag is a commercial outlet for independent artists to receive exposure via music and interviews as well as live footage provided by a street team of musicians, videographers, and entertainers for the purpose of allowing artist to freely express themselves.

Swag TV plays all genres of music: it’s Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, Country, and millennial funky. This web channel loves unsigned talent; people who make great tunes, melodies, and rhymes all on their own. These people need to be heard, and Swag TV is the new way to make it possible. It’s more than just music you’ve never heard of before- it’s your first look at tomorrow’s superstars.

You can see music, interviews, live shows, calendars, and all things independent. Everyone behind the scenes at the “Swag House” is passionate about giving artist the exposure they truly need.  

Nicholas Largen aka iRock is the Producer/Host of Swag TV and he is no stranger to the music scene. Largen grew up in the 90’s rock era, playing guitar and singing in multiple bands throughout high school.  He also produces his own beats and hip-hop tracks, as well he’s known as a founding member of the punk rock group Whole Wheat Bread of Jacksonville, Florida. Touring the country with W.W.B., multiple mainstream acts, and even working with top artists such as Lil Jon,  Nicholas definitely chased down and lived a piece of his dreams. To this day Largen is deeply involved in videography and has a deep understanding and appreciation for music culture and the arts. As a result of his passion he’s on a mission to put independent artists in the spotlight where they deserve to be.

Alex Dougherty is also a host/producer of programming on SwagTV.  Inspired to create from a young age, Alex was making up songs and drawing comics before he learned to read. An alumni of Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (2000-2004) where he majored in Film & Television.  During his senior year, he and a group of his peers were the recipients of a student film award at the Florida Film Festival for their short film “Twisted (Ennui)”.  The years following high school were spent writing and recording music with various projects including AC Deathstrike and Sleepy Tree.  Alex has released over a dozen albums and continues to produce his own music videos for all of his projects.  

Richard Borders is another producer and member of the swag team. He Created the first concert lighting company as the music industry spread thru the sixties. Helped plan and execute the famous Woodstock. Atlantic City, Atlanta, & Toronto Concert Festivals. Creating the first laser systems for entertainment. Including systems that could draw pictures on clouds or Airplane skywriting cloud layers. Richard films wonderful live performances around the Jacksonville area, and he is the owner and operator of Gemini Light Shows, Gemini Lasers, Gemini Lighting Television Productions.

Swag TV is based in Jacksonville, Florida but has plans to branch out and network with artist everywhere.  The team at Swag House: Largen, Daugherty, Borders, along with editor and videographer Tami-Lee hope to continue to be an outlet for independent artist.

Alex Dougherty and Nick Largen photo by Toni Smailagic