Out of Bounds: You Got Skeels Rapid Fire Sports Q&A

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What are your favorite sports teams? Beer, wine or cocktails? Do you believe in UFOs? Warren Skeels has off-the-cuff answers to these questions and more, after the jump!

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Cordwainer Bird of Metro Jacksonville interviewed Warren (You've Got Skeels).

Cordwainer Bird:
O.K.  So what about the Redskins Name?

Warren Skeels:
It sucks, because we have all this merchandise and several lifetimes of branding influencing us, but at the core, changing the name would be the right thing to do.

So, where does that place you with the Jaguars?

I am a huge Jaguars fan.  I bleed black and teal and sometimes a little white on home games.  It’s more of a relief to feel like we have a winning team in the works more than a uplifting feeling.  But, then again, I hate losing more than I like winning.  It’s just seems like it has been so difficult to put together a winning team since Tom Coughlin left.  We were conditioned early on to have an expectation of winning, so to be dormant for so long is a tough pill to swallow.  I say dormant, because there was consistent winning previously. I think the trio of receivers we have now will be strong for many years.  Quad if you count Julius Thomas in the mix. Hurns, Robinson, Lee, Thomas.  I would take that wide receiver set over any in the entire league.  That’s not me talking as a fan. It’s a very dangerous squad for defenses to face.

So we cover football -

Wait - can’t forget the Trojans!  Fight on!  I am an SC alum so there is pac 12 blood pumping through my veins even though I grew up a Gator fan.  I was a freshman when Boselli was a senior so it was special to have him as the Jaguars first pick.  It was sad however to see WR RJ Soward struggle and ultimately get waived.  He was amazing in college.  The first 9 times he touched the ball he scored touchdowns.  He was lighting fast.  

You are a filmmaker and a sports nut. What is the best sports films ever?

I have to say that ESPN’s 30 for 30 is an amazing series with arguably the best sports stories in the business.  I am a sucker for them  I’m a Lakers fan and lived in LA through the Kobe-Shaq championships, but the 30 for 30 This Magic Moment had me pining for Shaq to have stayed in Orlando and played out his career with Penny Hardaway.  If Shaq stayed, maybe Penny wouldn’t have felt as much pressure, not pushed as hard and remained uninjured.  Don’t get me wrong.  I cherish my Laker championships and reveled in the title win over Boston in the post Shaq, Kobe-Pau led lakers.  I grew up on Showtime with Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.  I loved how Magic passed the rock.  No one had or will ever have a better finger roll than James Worthy.“

You picked the Cavs in 6. It’s going 7 games but the Cavs are fighting to be the first team down 3-1 to win a series.

Never underestimate the heart of a champion, or the NBA to level the playing field with a Draymond Green suspension.  I can't see the Warriors losing a game 7 at home with Draymond Green in the fold.  we'll see.

About Warren Skeels:
Warren Skeels is a proud Floridian and an accomplished actor, screenwriter, director and producer. After graduating from Douglas Anderson School of Arts in Jacksonville, Warren attended the University of Southern California where he was the recipient of the Stanley Musgrove Award as “most creative talent” while earning a BFA in theatre. He began his career in Los Angeles as an actor.  Equipped with both a talent agent and manager, he found work on the abc movie of the week "Summertime Switch" and on sit-coms such as "3rd Rock From The Sun" and "For Your Love."  It was on the set of "3rd Rock" that he discovered his love for working behind the camera.  He asked for and received the opportunity to intern with director Bob Berlinger on the very next episode. Warren has been producing and directing ever since.

Warren returned to north Florida to produce his first feature, Surfacing, in 1999.  Shot on a modest $250,000 budget, the film found critical success at various festivals but never found distribution.  That experience would pave the way for the success of his next 3 features.  Warren moved to New York where he produced a film series in Manhattan, inviting the who’s who of the indie film marketing and distribution community to share their insights with filmmakers on a weekly basis in his film series “Reel Roundtable”.  After a year of this self education, Warren returned to Jacksonville where he partnered with producer Brenda Kolb in TigerLily Media.

As Director and Partner, Warren helped steer TigerLily Media from a fledgling production company to arguably one of the best in the business in its region in over ten years. Warren has directed broadcast commercials that have gained national exposure while also producing important emotionally driven videos to support local non for profits.  HIs dedication to the craft of filmmaking and collaborative spirit do not go unnoticed with his clients who appreciate his boundless work ethic.  He has directed commercial spots for brands Zaxby’s, The Florida Lottery, Shoney’s, Gate Petroleum, Florida Credit Union, Jets Pizza, Eyeglass World, The University of Baltimore and the Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless.

To date, Warren has produced 3 feature films, “Surfacing” (aka: Letter From My Father), "Who’s Your Monkey," and "Chops". His films have played at festivals across the world including Rotterdam, Tribeca, Boston, Naples and have aired on Starz, itunes, Netflix and Hulu. His documentary feature film THESPIANS, celebrating the largest high school theatre competition in the world, marked his feature directorial debut.  Matt Soergel of The Florida Times Union called it “ A flat out triumph.”  The film won best documentary at the Phoenix Film Festival, received the prestigious Students Choice award at the Edmonton Film Festival and premiered on Showtime.

Additionally, Warren currently serves as the Chair to the Mayor’s Advisory Board Of Film And Television in Jacksonville, is a member of Film Florida and the Screen Actor’s Guild.  In 2010-2012, he served as the Executive Director of the Jacksonville Film Festival during which time the organization was brought out of debt and increased attendance by 300%.  Warren loves sports and proudly volunteers his time as a head coach for both youth basketball and baseball teams.

Follow Warren on twitter: @yougotskeels
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