Karrissa Wade: Lordy! Transgenders in the Bathroom!

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Do you or someone you love suffer from Transgender Bathroom Panic? Never fear, Karrissa Wade is here to illuminate what you should ACTUALLY be worried about, after the jump! NSFW for... well, it's Karrissa.

Starring Karrissa Wade
Produced by Metrojacksonville and TVJax
Directed by Sam Farmer and Chad Hendricks
Videography by Sam Farmer and Chad Hendricks
Written by Karrissa Wade
Edited by Chad Hendricks
Title Sequence by Sam Farmer

Recent anti-transgender legislation has some people's knickers in a twist about the possibility that they may be sharing a bathroom with someone who is not what they seem. Guess what? It's probably for the best, as Karrissa explains in her inimitable fashion. What do you think?  Should we have potty police conducting groin inspections? Share your opinion in the comments below!

About Karrissa Wade

Karrissa Wade is one of the most accomplished and well known drag performers in Jville.  Active in politics, theatre, art and the performance and pageant circuit, she has been the host of countless charity events and benefits, and has been a correspondent for MetroJacksonville since 2008.

You can catch her regular performances at Hamburger Marys or connect with her on Facebook.

Karrissa Wade photo by Toni Smailagic