Fashion Gone Local: Edge City

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Yoanna spends some time with Edge City, the trend making fashion icon of the North Florida style scene. For thirty years one of the most groundbreaking, ahead-of-its-time boutiques in the South has been a grounding centerpiece if the Five Points experience. If any place represents the ideals of Fashion Going Local, its Edge City. Check out the interlude after the jump

Fashion Gone Local was created by Yoanna House, Warren Skeels and Kathryn McAvoy
starring Yoanna House
Camera Operators: Mai Nguyen and Sozo Jaxon
Edited by Tami Lee and Chad Hendricks
Director: Yoanna House

Who could argue against the idea that Edge City is by far  the most impactful retail destination and landmark of the 5 points district?  Well, I personally think that its one of the most important shops of Northeast Florida. No easy task ...

Standing the test of time and making it through a decades long carousel of ever evolving boutiques it is one of the few stores that has endured.

It has been the heart of 5 points. Edge City has left an imprint on the First Coast and for this reason, I honor them  

Perhaps it's personal:  Edge City is the reason that I became so experimental in my style... so unaffected by opinions of my peers or adults.

Let's face it, where else could you go as an adolescent where you weren't burnt out by department store trends?

My first experience of the place was during the summer of my final year of middle school.

I was bored,  rebellious and obsessed with music.

All I cared about was fashion, music, going to concerts and owning at least one solid pair of Doc Martens.

Summer was my time off of the regimen of school: uniforms and God awful rules of conformity.

I went with a couple of friends--- tagging along in a packed car and headed with our older siblings for our Cocteau Twins, Oasis, and Nine Inch Nails CDs in the Five Points district.

While picking up those sounds, I found Edge City.

I knew immediately it was the most special and one of kind places I could ever have imagined.

I learned quickly who Gunnel and Tom were. I remember Tom was calm, cool and always giving his warm smile.

Gunnel was edgy and (even still to this day with her plum hair and svelte figure) adorned with Betsey Johnson.

The boutique was eccentric and cultivated the perfect mixture of European flair and fashions.

From Manic Panic "Demi permanent" solution, to coloring one's hair in  bright colors, the styles Of Custo Barcelona and of course the Betsey Johnson one of kind lusts.

The store was always well stocked with pin striped stockings, incenses, and the most stunning crystal barrettes that reflected the glam -riot grrl staples.

Though I moved away to pursue my dreams and left my hometown, I always made it a mission to reconnect with Tom and Gunnel to shop, catch up and hear about their New York buying trips and their holidays in Sweden.

It was so awesome to come home and know that Tom and Gunnel would have things that I couldn't even find in the East Village .

The years passed in a tumble, but finding that Tom--- one of my most favorite people--- has passed on was soul stirring.

He was and will always continue to be remembered as a one in a million. His love for his community and commitment to Edge City and his Love of Gunnel commendable.

Forever Grateful for Tom our WonderWall


Fashion Gone Local  
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photo by Toni Smailagic