Fashion Gone Local: Art Basel in Miami!

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Join Yoanna as she checks out an enormous art fair in Miami, featuring everything from Matisses and Picassos to current artists. And celebrities. Rich people come from all over looking to add to their art collections. Will Yoanna see anybody famous? Watch and find out!

Fashion Gone Local was created by Yoanna House, Warren Skeels and Kathryn McAvoy
produced by
starring Yoanna House
edited by Marlon Smith and Chad Hendricks

Fashion Gone Local’s Yoanna House explorers more of Miami, this time engaging viewers with the annual, artistic extravaganza known as Art Basel. Originating nearly 50 years ago in the Swiss city of Basel, this international art fair found a home in Miami Beach in 2002. Numerous celebrities, style icons, and artwork aficionados come from all over the globe to witness the event and potentially make purchases. Yoanna discusses some of the classical examples usually on display, such as Picasso and Legere pieces, as well as the works of modern artists like Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami.
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