Yoanna House at the Paquita Parodi Collection

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In this segment of Fashion Gone Local, Yoanna visits with Paquita Parodi in Miami, Florida to tour through her unique collection of clothing. Part couture showroom, part museum, the Collection is a great demonstration of the actual styles and fabrication techniques for more than a hundred years of fashion and design. Join us after the jump for the rare look at the collection.

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The Paquita Parodi Collection is made up in its majority of original pieces that have been found, saved, and, in many cases reconstructed, by her very hands. In this particular sense, all 1,500 dresses, and over 3,000 accessories, have been through Parodi’s atelier, carefully treated, to be later inserted into a rich 200 year narrative about every aspect of fashion from the early 1800?s to the present.

Yoanna discusses the collection with her during a recent visit.

english transcript:
Pacquita you have the most beautiful designs here of vintage of couture  but how did you start collecting all of this?

Well it's been several years when I began to collect for my collection but the most recent important ones from the past I've been able to collect more recently

How did you get so inspired by fashion?

I've always loved fashion and most especially the pieces from the past.

With all these dresses you don't get to see this anymore. The designers are now looking for examples that are of the past to replicate, right?

Of course! The designers are all looking for pieces of the past or at least some detailing

Right now, what are we going to see? What designers do you have here right now?

I have some of the best designers
LANVIN,  have Jean Patou,I Schiaparelli, Fortuny, BALENCIAGA

What a beautiful collection! Will you show me?

Of course! Come on!

We've arrived at the second floor what is here?

Here's part of my collection and also this is pretty much where I work. On this table that you see here, I take out the dresses that need restoration. I study them and it's here that I bring them back.

You also love hats, correct?

Yes, I love them.

Paquita, you are fascinated by hats and you have an extraordinary collection! What are you going to show us now?  

I’m going to show you a sample from the 1920s that for me.. is one of the richest that there's ever been ... Embroidered. This little hat was from the 1920s used during the evening... And the one that you see here it's almost like a wig but made of silver. It looks like woven hairs of silver. They told me when I bought it that it had belonged to Josephine Baker.
I don't know! You know a lot of the designs from the past are great that I've collected, but they're missing tags

Show me more, no?

I'm going to show you now part of the collection right now

We have the 1980s. Down below--- the 1950s.

OK right here we have the wallet like purse from the Victorian era to the 1940s.

Here we have dresses from the 1920s--all of them up above her.

Below are some pieces from the 1950s

The majority of my pieces I have in storage because they don't fit all here

Up there I have some mantones--- very antique ones . Little Victorian jackets.. And these are exclusive pieces from the 1920s embroidered  by hand.

Now here we have for example in the drawers. You can see the vales from brides.. Basically these are all full of vintage tulle pieces.

Paquita now you've showed me all of the stupendous hats, but now I want you to show me more.
Here we are going to see the hats from the 1920s. Going to show you as well The undergarments Victorian  and Edwardian. Very important blouses that were crocheted . Above we have the fabrics of paisley-- very famous and became THE fashion from India after the 18th century

Here I also have important Edwardian hats, undergarments.

Here we have all the initiates from the 20s 30s and 40s. Clothing that was very rich and feminine. These were the slips that they would put embroidered names in.
These dresses here are from the 1920s.

Here we have the collection of the most important dresses of the Edwardian era.

Many dresses for child baptisms

Little girls pieces in full quantity

Here we have from the era of the 60s to 70 to the 80s up to the year 2008.

Part below are many dresses from Coco Chanel from the 60-70s.

We Also have dresses by Pucci, ...blouses,... a little bit of everything.

Versace we have in the back.

It's a CHANEL piece from the 60's used for a Gala. It belonged to a very important person in Cuba and was made specifically by Coco for her. But she gave it to me for the museum. Beautiful, important and heavy ..see how much it weighs!

Do you want me to show you this one?

Jean Paul Gautier beginning year 2000. Look at the part in the back this dress on is sensational.

About Yoanna House:
Yoanna is a fashion expert appearing on local and national news offering the latest fashion trends and style tips. She has been a spokeswoman for Careline Cosmetics, Sephora, Levi's, and Macy's. Yoanna has made host appearances for E!, Fashion Police, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Allure, Glamour Magazine, NBC's LX TV and NY Edition. Fluent in Spanish, she has appeared on TELEMUNDO providing style tips, and has appeared on the Tyra Banks Show as a feature correspondent, and trend reporter.

Locally, Yoanna was a talent manager for Jacksonville Fashion Week and can be seen monthly on "First Coast Living" on NBC 12 and ABC 25 as a beauty and fashion expert. She is also the brand ambassador for O.P.I Nail Care. Yoanna House, winner of America's Next Top Model, makes fashion accessible to the 904 with her new television destination Fashion Gone Local. During her downtime Yoanna finds her passion on being a student pilot, an avid Pilates and Gyrotonic enthusiast and spending time with her cherished ones.
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