Tonight! with Jim Alabiso: Interview with Judi Herring

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After the jump, watch Jim Alabiso have a stunning chat with gender studies expert Judi Herring about his weight, his makeup artist, and her husband's new book, before moving on to discuss her groundbreaking TEDx talk about gender identity.

Tonight! with Jim Alabiso is
written by Jim Alabiso
produced by Jim Alabiso
starring Jim Alabiso and Judi Herring
directed by Sam Farmer
edited by Tami Lee and Sam Farmer
set design by Michael Glinski
emcee and cohost Christina Boykin
The Tonight! Band is Spice and the PoBoys with Brittany Wescott and Mike Bernos
theme song “Famous” by Jaimz Mallete
Judi Herring is a trailblazing champion for self-determination who focuses on gender as one of the most fundamental cornerstones of identity. During her urologic surgical training, Judi spent time at Johns Hopkins Hospital helping to care for children born with intersex traits. The experience compelled her to explore gender and sex development through an unknowing lens. What she discovered has important implications for interpersonal connections both in business and personal settings.

Watch Judi Herring's TEDxJacksonville talk: Gender Bound

make up by Renee Parenteau Makeup & Hair
hair by Pat Cole of The Hair Experience
talent coaching by Barbara Colaciello

Jim Alabiso    

Jim Alabiso photo by Toni Smailagic